On-going Projects



To become the recognized conservation leader organization bringing stakeholder conservation groups together to help protect, preserve and restore  all three Saluda River water sheds and other Coldwater fisheries in South Carolina.

1.     Remove the dam and pond at the headwaters of Matthews Creek, and uncover the natural water source from a mountain bog, that currently lies under the pond.

2.     Restore and improve Brook Trout habitat on Howard's Creek.

3.     Participate with other chapters on stream clean ups on the Chattooga, Chauga and South Saluda river trails and streams.

4.     Install and maintain 10 water temperature monitor systems on the Chauga and its tributaries.

5.     Spearhead the culvert survey program (40 culverts to be surveyed) in conjunction with the US Forest Service bottomless culvert replacement program.

6.     Replace the outdated Trout Unlimited information on the kiosk in Jones Gap State Park to better recognize Trout Unlimited contributions and conservation efforts.

7.     Develop and support the growth of middle school student’s involvement beyond Trout in the Classroom program, through trout fishing and conservation projects.

Matthew's Creek Headwaters

Matthew's Creek Headwaters

Area to be restored on Matthew's Creek

Area to be restored on Matthew's Creek