Monthly Meetings

We invite you to attend our monthly chapter meetings at the:

Mauldin Cultural Center

101 East Butler Road

Mauldin, SC 29662

Meetings begin at 6:30 pm.

Light snacks are provided.


November’s speaker will be Dave Armstrong, a long time chapter member, and currently the Legal Advisor to the National Board of Trustees and its Executive Committee.

Our chapter is quite active, spearheading many projects for the benefit of our resources, and more importantly, the people involved.  Oral monthly reports are presented to the membership, but many do not have the firsthand experience of participation to understand and appreciate the depth and breadth of the chapter’s projects and their beneficial effect to the community.

Dave often takes his camera to TU events, so he will show you just how much we, as a chapter, do.  You’ll see chapter members mentor Sevier Middle School students fishing on the Davidson River in May.  Many were accompanied by their parents.  It was a delightful and positive experience for all.

You’ve heard a lot about our Matthews Creek project.  Well, if you’ve not seen the project in person, come to the meeting to see what the status is, view the siphon, see the dam that’s to be removed, and learn what you can do to participate in this first class conservation project on South Carolina’s premier trout habitat.

And yes, we continue to build relationships with SCDNR.  In early October, four members helped three from DNR “clean the bank” of the South Saluda.  Without chapter help, the task would have taken three hours; with chapter help, it took just over one.  Come see lots of bagged trash loaded into the DNR’s pickup, but more importantly, we (you) supported our critical, underfunded and under staffed agency.

There are many other projects we regularly participate in.  To fund those afore listed and others we held a Film Fest in early October.  If you came, thank you, and come to the meeting to see yourself with a photo recap of its success.  If you were unable to attend, come see what you missed.

Lastly, in June 2019, National TU will hold its summer Board of Trustees meeting in Greenville.  It will be headquartered at the Westin.  The Board will go on a conservation tour, giving us an opportunity to showcase our good works.  To learn what a conservation tour encompasses, you’ll see the last conservation tour photos in Redding, California, the site of the TU Annual meeting held in mid-September 2018.  The local chapters and state council are involved in an impressive coalition in a massive conservation project in the Sacramento River basin.  To their great credit, the California TUers are dedicated to making their home waters better for all, despite having been ravaged by the Carr fire.  Some TUers totally lost their homes, but they still continue their efforts to improve their cold water resources.  Talk about dedicated people!

Please come to the meeting, learn, and get involved.  You’ll never regret it.