Fly Fishing Outings


MBTU OUTING ALERT - This coming Saturday November 25, the MBTU Outing Group will fish Eastatoe Creek Dug Mountain Access and/or Hemlock Hollow Access. Members of MBTU helped SCDNR stock trout both Dug Mountain and Hemlock Hollow on Monday November 20 so fishing should still be good.

We will meet at the Dug Mountain parking lot at 9:00 am. Refer to the attached map #47 if you need directions.

Please RSVP me so we will be on the lookout for you.

Life is too short to miss out.

Ed Watanabe



FLY FISHING OUTINGS are events all members look forward to with enthusiasm in the spring and fall of each year.  Outings are a great opportunity for members and guests to get together in a group to go fly fishing at popular trout streams in the region. Everyone has fun, catches a fish or two (hopefully more), and swaps a few “stories” (the politically correct word) about ‘the one that got away.’  We usually fish until about 3 to 3:30 pm and then head back to our vehicles to get home by 5 to 6 pm, or so.


The purpose of our Outings:

1. Fishing with like minded fly fishermen and/or women.

2. Sharing knowledge of where to fish and flies to use for each season.

3. Sharing techniques or other helpful tips to our new and old members.

4. Safety is important and having a fishing buddy nearby is important.

5.  Outings will be scheduled for both kayak and wade fishing.

6. Outings may be scheduled for weekday trips(Fridays) and weekend trip. Keep in mind some streams will have floaters and tubers when schools let out for the year.  Also, fishing pressure will increase on Saturdays and Sundays.

7. If you are retired and can fish during the week, please let us know. We can schedule weekday trips.

8. Our trips will be in the area of the Upstate all the way to Georgia or across the state line into North Carolina.

9. We might schedule over-night trips. These outings will be scheduled in advance so we can make motel plans etc.

10. We may travel to Tennessee for an over-night trip if there is any interest from the group.

11. We will meet at a common location and can car pool or caravan. You can also drive to the fishing location on your own.  If you are planning to attend an event, please contact Ed Watanabe so we will know to expect you.

12. If there is a scheduled fishing event, we will fish in the rain with the exception of a thunderstorm and/or lightening.

13. We will always try to fish after a MBTU Project i.e. Saluda River Cleanup.

Get a free copy of South Carolina TROUT FISHING handbook. You can pick one up at the nearest DNR office. Also, pick up a copy of the Wildlife Management Area Map #1. (WMAM). DNR has maps that cover the entire state but Area 1 map includes everything Greenville west to Georgia Tugaloo River and Chattooga River, North to the North Carolina state line and east to highway 14 Landrum. You can use the DNR book and the WMAM together to find numerous places to fish. 

MBTU Outings will be successful only if there is participation from members. If you want to receive MBTU Fishing Alerts, be certain that we have your name, cell number and email address. 


Upcoming Outings: