Trout in the Classroom

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Trout in the Classroom

 Trout in the Classroom" ("TIC") is a program developed by Trout Unlimited (TU) and is available to schools nationwide under TU's mission of “conserving, protecting and restoring North America’s cold water fisheries and their watersheds." TIC is a conservation/environmental education program in which students in grades k-12:

  • raise trout from eggs to fingerling fry
  • monitor and ensure tank water quality
  • engage in stream habitat study
  • learn to appreciate water resources
  • begin to foster a conservation ethic, and grow in knowledge to understand ecosystems.

Each class begins caring for the eggs they receive from the SCDNR in a refrigerated, aerated, filtered and temperature controlled aquarium. As the eggs grow through the various stages of development, the students’ role is a “hands on” learning experience. Students are responsible for:

  • feeding the fish
  • testing and maintaining the water quality for the fish to grow
  • charting the growth and mortality of the fish
  • examining the various conditions needed in the environment to support cold water fish populations.

They also learn how cold water wildlife, such as trout, are one of the indicators of the health and water quality of a local environment. The students also learn about what fish eat in streams, how to safely transport the fish to the release site, and how to store the aquarium equipment for use again next year.

Star and E Group students raised trout from eggs to fingerlings and released them into the Table Rock ecosystem!

This school year, MBTU is sponsoring ten (10) Trout in the Classroom (TIC) programs in Greenville County Schools. In this program, MBTU furnishes oversight, the equipment (i.e., aquarium, chiller, aerator, water pump, filters, piping, etc.) and food, and the SCDNR provides 100 trout eggs and teacher instruction for school children to raise trout from eggs to fingerling trout. The trout are then released by the children during a field trip at Table Rock State Park.

The schools participating this year are:

  • A.J. Whittenberg Middle School
  • Grove Elementary School
  • Christ Church Episcopal Middle School
  • Green Charter Middle School
  • Slater-Marietta Elementary School
  • Sterling Middle School
  • Plain Elementary School
  • Tanglewood Middle
  • Travelers Rest High School
  • Sevier Middle School

MBTU member Gary Davis heads up this program for the chapter, with significant help from members Tom Buto and Mike Blair. For the past three years, Fluor Corporation has provided significant grant funding to add many of these schools to our program.




MAY 11, 2017

The ORVIS Corporation has awarded the Mountain Bridge Chapter, MBTU, of Trout Unlimited, $2400 to expand the chapters Conservation, Fly Fishing initiative at a second Middle School in Greenville County.  This grant will provide funding for equipment, training materials and mentoring outings for the students. Tom Theus chapter president said, “This program impacts students beyond the classroom, with real life field exposure and involvement in addressing  clean water challenges through their involvement.”

The chapter currently sponsors a program called, Trout in the Classroom (TIC), at ten county middle schools.  This initiative is supported through a partnership grant with Fluor Corporation.  MBTU provides the aquariums, chillers, supplies and training and oversight where the students raise the trout from eggs provided by the SC Department of Natural Resources, until they are released at the end of the school year into Carrick Creek, at Table Rock State Park.  

Gary Davis, TIC chairman said, “Seeing students on a stream, then relating that experience to the controlled classroom environment is a real-world awakening. The survival rate in the classroom is ten times higher than in the wild. They quickly understand the challenges and importance of cold, clean water initiatives and how they impact trout survival rates in the natural stream environment”

Orvis, a national retailer is recognized as a leader in conservation efforts, pledging 5% of their pre-tax profits to conservation initiatives.  They provide in store and online outdoor fishing equipment, apparel and supplies with a store in downtown Greenville. For more information go to

Mountain Bridge Chapter #46 is a member of Trout Unlimited National, a conservation organization with over 175,000 members.  The upstate chapter has 650 members and volunteers. Meetings are held at 6:30 PM on the third Monday of each month at the Mauldin Cultural Center on Butler Road.  For more information go to or

Accepting the check from Orvis

Green School Outing

March 2017

Green School Outing

March 2017

Green School Outing


March 2017

Green School Outing

March 2017

Special Recognition Announcement:

Chuck Rouse, representing Mountain Bridge Trout Unlimited Chapter 46 from Greenville SC, presented the South Carolina Council Palmetto Trout Award to Cheryl Wiggins of Fluor at its July meeting in the Cabela’s Conference Center. The Palmetto Trout Award is presented annually to a corporation or individual in South Carolina that has made significant contributions to support Trout Unlimited’s mission of protecting and sustaining the state’s cold water resources.  

For several years, Fluor has provided financial support for two of our key programs:  Trout in the Classroom and Project Healing Waters Veteran Services. Trout in the Classroom is a program in partnership with 10 Greenville area schools providing students the opportunity to raise and care for trout from eggs to fingerlings. The students are responsible for their daily care.  Mountain Bridge TU provides all equipment and maintenance. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources along with Mountain Bridge TU volunteers conduct educational programs as well within the schools.

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled veterans through fly fishing and associated activities including education and outings. Fluor’s financial support aids in the purchase of equipment and outing expenses, making the program free to our veterans.   

Through the support of Fluor and people like Ms. Wiggins, we at Mountain Bridge TU can support and promote our continued mission.