Board of Directors

Greg Placone, President

Greenville, 803-319-5148

Tom Theus, Past President

Spartanburg, Phone: 864-978-4458


Mark White, Vice President

Greenville, Phone: 864-363-2601


Tim Brandt, Treasurer

 (717) 512-6895.


Daniel Mahoney, Secretary

Greenville, Phone 864-436-2469


 Everette Workman, Webmaster/Social Media

 Greenville, Phone: 864-909-2937


Gary Davis, At Large, TIC Chair, Project Healing Waters Committee
Simpsonville, Phone: 636-346-0413

Chuck Rouse, At Large, Project Healing Waters Chair
Greenville, Phone: 864-335-8938


Jason Long, At Large

Greenville, Phone: 864-320-7343


Bob Bishop, At Large, TIC Committee
Greenville, Phone: 864-236-8117

 Jon Wright, At Large

Greenville, Phone 543-349-7298

David Armstrong, Legal Counsel, Legal Counsel to the TU (National) Board of Trustees
Greenville, Phone:  864-268-7213

Edwin Watanabe, Chapter Outings Chair
Greenville, (972) 898-7929

Paul Glasser, Chapter Outings Co-chair

Greenville, 631-974-4868