The MBTU Board of Directors has been thinking about how to motivate our members to participate more in our events. Events such as...conservation and environmental projects, Trout In The Classroom, Project Healing Waters, fly tying events at Cabela's, REI, BMW, MBTU Family Day, roadside cleanup and of course going on our fishing outings and campouts.

Far less than 5% of our members ever participate in our events.

So...maybe a guided fly fishing incentive might motivate you to start.

The MBTU Board of Directors has started a new program called The MBTU PARTICIPATION REWARDS PROGRAM.

How will it work?

1. You must be a current MBTU member.

2. For each official MBTU event, you will receive points for your attendance and working participation.

3. You must sign in for every event that you attend. There will be a sign-in sheet at each event. If you attend and you do not sign in, you will not receive any points. The MBTU member/leader heading up the event will have a sign in sheet.

4. The reward will go the MBTU member will the highest number of points at the end of the year.

5. The start date will begin with the first event after the official announcement of the program to all MBTU members.

6. The end of the program will be on December 1st and the new year will begin on January 1. All points will start at "0" to start the new year.

7. The winner will have a half day of fishing the Davidson River Private Waters with a professional guide from the Davidson River Outfitters. The fishing date will be negotiated with the fly shop and the prize winner.

8. Signing in for another member will not be approved. You must attend and work at the event or attend the outing.  

Point System.

 a. All conservation-related projects will receive 10 points for attending and 1 point for each hour of work. Gary Davis is the event leader.

 b. Trout In The Classroom (TIC) will receive 5 points for attending and 1 point for each hour of work. Gary Davis is the event leader.

 c. Project Healing Waters (PHW) will receive 6 points for fishing outings and 3 points for general PHW meetings. Chuck Rouse is the event leader.

 d. MBTU promotion vents such as Cabela's, REI, BMW will receive 6 points for working.

 e. Annual Film Fest workers will receive 6 points.

 f. Roadside Cleanup workers will receive 5 points.

 g. Attending MBTU day outings will receive 6 points per outing. 

 h. Attending MBTU over-night camp outings will receive 6 points per day.

 i. Attending our regularly scheduled monthly MBTU Monday meetings will receive 4 points.

 j. Other special events not listed but sanctioned by MBTU will receive 6 points.


  • Remember, you must sign in at the event to earn the points.

  • Some events can only handle a limited number of volunteers. i.e. Cabela's, REI, TIC and Healing Waters. The First-Come-First-Serve rule will apply. When you hear about an upcoming event, be certain that you notify the leader of the event as soon as possible or you might miss out. How do you find out about upcoming events? Attend our monthly MBTU meetings and check out the MBTU website.

  • MBTU Membership Chair Ken Baerwalde will tabulate final points at the end of the year. Each event leader will be responsible to keep signed Sign-in sheets. These will be turned in to Ken each December. Event leaders must remind event attendees to sign-in for each event.

  • Unfortunately, MBTU Board members will not be able to participate in this program.